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Our main product series include 100% Cotton, Cotton Elastic, TR, Polyester Cotton, Cotton Polyester Elastic, Fake Knit, Tencel and Dyed Denim, etc., of grammage ranging from 4 to 14 ounces. The maximum width of the stretch fabric products can reach up to 70/71″.

Cotton Elastic
It is a type of denim fabric created by blending natural cotton fibers (around 98% cotton) with synthetic elastane fibers (around 2% elastane).
This is made of rayon and polyester blended in a certain proportion (polyester count for more than 60%). This blended fabric can combine two fabric.
Polyester Cotton
A blend of both cotton and polyester, natural and synthetic fabrics. Often poly cotton fabrics consist of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, but the blend can vary.
Fake Knit
Unlike traditional denim, which is woven, this fabric is knitted, providing a unique combination of stretch and breathability.
Made from the natural fiber Tencel. It is extremely soft to the touch, known for its excellent breathability.