What fabric is Tencel denim?

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What fabric is Tencel denim? Tencel denim is a denim fabric mainly made of Tencel, including pure Tencel denim fabric, Tencel cotton denim fabric, Tencel hemp denim fabric, Tencel polyester denim fabric, etc. It is an upgrade of traditional cotton denim fabric, characterized by ease and leisure, and advantages of ecology, comfort, and safety. The disadvantage of Tencel denim fabric is that it currently has limited production capacity and still needs to be fully promoted and popularized.

What fabric is Tencel denim? In fact, it can be understood as an innovation in cotton denim fabric, replacing traditional cotton with Tencel to achieve functional and performance upgrades. The most common types of Tencel denim fabrics currently include pure Tencel denim fabrics and Tencel cotton denim fabrics, accounting for over 70% of the total production capacity of Tencel denim fabrics. The design innovation of Tencel denim fabric is not complicated. Pure Tencel denim fabric is made of indigo or black colored yarn as warp yarn, interwoven with white weft yarn. The organizational pattern is mainly twill, with the majority of 21S, 30S, and 16S yarns. The thickness is mostly between 4.5-8.5 ounces, mainly used for casual pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and shirts in spring, summer, and autumn. The vast majority of pure silk denim fabrics need to be washed with water and sand to make them softer, fluffy, skin friendly, and more comfortable and casual to wear. There are two design schemes for Tencel cotton denim fabric: one is the interweaving of cotton as color yarn and white Tencel, and the other is the interweaving of Tencel as color yarn and white cotton yarn. Both types of Tencel cotton denim fabric are very popular because they not only have excellent cotton feel, but also have the characteristics of Tencel’s flexibility, lightweight, and softness, and are not limited by Tencel’s production capacity. Tencel denim fabric and Tencel polyester denim fabric are also occasionally available on the market. However, due to the fact that both linen and ramie are relatively coarse and rigid, making it difficult to highlight their flexible and elegant characteristics, and their prices are relatively expensive, the market share of Tencel linen denim fabric is extremely low; Tencel polyester denim fabric is affected by polyester, which reduces comfort and does not significantly reduce costs, so the total production and sales are not significant.

Pure Tencel Denim Fabric

What fabric is Tencel denim? It is a new generation of denim fabric that highlights the functional performance of Tencel. Tencel is known as the “21st century ecological fiber”, so Tencel denim fabric reflects a distinct sense of technological innovation and progress of the times. It is easy to wear, bright, breathable and comfortable, and environmentally friendly and safe. It is especially suitable for young people’s favorite casual fashion, in line with consumer upgrading. Therefore, the market prospects of Tencel denim fabric are bright.

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